Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet

As of this morning, it has been 111 days, and I have lost 46.6 lbs. My monthly weight loss has been like this:

Apr '17 7.8 lbs
May '17 12.5 lbs
Jun '17 15.1 lbs
Jul '17 10.4 lbs

I have found the Intermittent Fasting (IF) has been a useful way to incorporate the benefits of Keto and fasting. I use the 16/8 version of IF, which means that whatever time I eat breakfast, I will try to eat everything for the day within an 8 hour period, then fast for 16 hours.

Sometimes, for various reasons, I have to go a bit outside of that, ie. for schedule change or social events, so on those days, I just try to wait at least 12 hours (since it takes 12 hours to enter the fasting state), before eating the next day. It truly is not a difficult thing to do - particularly when you include sleeping as your fasting time.

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