Keto Diet Does Not Mean All You Can Eat

Mary Roberts of Ketovangelist discusses in her blog post Keto is not a free-for-all some of the reasons that you may not be losing weight on the #KetoDiet. The reasons may include:

"Keto isn’t a license to overeat. If you are in fact not losing or you are gaining here is what I suggest you do:
Remove all sugar and grains
This means no fruit and no so called “low carb” tortilla wraps.

Don’t eat keto junk food
I’m including bars, shakes, sugar free candies, jello, and pudding. Don’t make keto desserts, especially if you are new this lifestyle. Those things should be reserved for special occasions and when you are close to or at goal.

Limit nuts and berries
Limit them to, like, almost never. If you are one of those people who can’t eat just one or a reasonable serving of nuts, then cut them out until you get to maintenance mode. (FYI- maintenance mode is the forever stall -again it’s hard to gain weight on Keto – easy to maintain).

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