Atkins Diet, week 3! Loving the Weight Loss!!!

I am so happy! This has really been taking hold for me! I have stalled a little in week 3, but from what I have read, that is just the body readjusting to the weight loss. So far, I am down 14 lbs!!! Watch for details!

#Atkins Diet
These are from a series of videos I did in 2016 about my #weightloss with the #Atkins #LowCarb #Diet. I thought it would be a good idea to integrate them into my blog on my #Health & #WeightLoss page. Hope you enjoy!

Weight Loss and Body Image
Don't Cut the Cheese!
I Refuse To Burnout!
7 lbs Gone in 5 Days!
All Things Come In Time
It's My Time!
Day 10 of Atkins Diet 
Peace At Last
Atkins Diet week 3; Melting Weight Loss
Atkins Diet, week 3! Loving the Weight Loss!!!
Week 4 and Incredible 19 lbs lost on Atkins!
My New Grand Adventure: Happy & Healthy!
One month in on Atkins and loving the results!


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